Friday, March 13, 2009

HerOeD (posted by nick)

Shades of Gray

“Flight, or invisibility… do you throw caution to the wind and fly off to save the day, or do you take the more calculated approach, and learn the whole picture before you act?” Uhhh duh dude, invisibility, it’s the ultimate power of a perv. Thankfully, after being six episodes deep into “Fugitives”, Heroes has returned to form, and while according to the Nielson Ratings everyone was watching a bunch of weirdos dance, Heroes had a good episode, finally.

Beginning with Eric “The Puppet Master” Doyle in all his creepy-man glory, he’d been sent to Claire with the hopes that she could look past him kidnapping both of her mothers and to lend him a hand in escaping the government. While it was obvious she would deny him only to negate her decision in the end, it was all just to demonstrate her dedication to being the hero. Doyle used his puppeteer trick on the hottest government agent in the world and then Claire came to his rescue, a favor he will likely return in the near future.

Danko (The Hunter) setting up Parkman was presented in a choppy scenario. It felt very “what does this prove if the general public does not know Parkman has an ability, or that abilities even exist?” but due to the way it was executed, the reasoning behind this was easy to disregard. I enjoyed Danko authorizing the detonation while Nathan was speaking with Parkman, in a casual “whatever, let him die a hero” kind of way. The use of Parkman’s ability (getting inside a bomb techs head) to diffuse the bomb was a very cool twist that actually surprised me, but in the end this entire scenario resulted in nothing, Nathan walked out alive and Parkman went back into government custody. Danko confronting Nathan was inevitable and while it was nothing to gasp about, the events that occurred afterward were very interesting. We find out Tracy Strauss (who has been worthless this volume) had seen a message from REBEL “Help Is Coming, Have Hope”. This allowed her to place her faith back in Nathan and lie to keep his secret safe, Danko - strike one. We viewers are then treated to a lovely dinner with Angela Petrelli, who acted like a stuck-up rich bitch and was hilarious as she completely undermined Danko, Danko - strike two. Danko did not strike out though because that window shootout scene was awesome and was the best way to expose Nathan.

I must say I had been mulling over how this Sylar meeting his father would play out but in the end I think it was executed perfectly. It wasn’t over-done, it didn’t change Sylar’s dynamics, and it wasn’t a let down, so to me that ’s fantastic. Let’s all hope the writers will finally leave Sylar’s past in the past. John Glover (Lex Luther’s father on Smallville) was a brilliant choice. “You abandoned me and killed my mother” “Soooo… what now?” Glover’s cadence to his voice, arrogant and strained made him the only person cool enough to be Sylar’s father. Sylar’s father having the same ability was no surprise but his chat with his son was the perfect pep talk to have him get off his ass and be the Hero/Villain we need. I do believe Sylar’s father will return, you don’t cast John Glover and only use him once.

In the end the episode was good and left us with much to ponder for two weeks when Heroes returns with the episode NBC previews are claiming to be a classic. Sylar is in Danko’s apartment but I doubt he will kill him just yet and Hiro and Ando are rescuing Parkman’s son, the one that he never had until now. From what I remember, Parkman’s ex-wife Janice was a whore and had that kid with Parkman’s old cop partner, but its not like this would be the first time Heroes re-invents what they’ve invented.

Overall 7.8 outta 10

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