Saturday, March 28, 2009


This week all the twittter twatter is about Demi and Ashton. Aren't Demi and Ashton so cool? They are just like regular folks. He tweeted this week that she steamed his suit in a bikini and posted a pic! She said what a sneak he was! Omigod! They are so cute! It's so real! They are so cool! ... Yeah ... and Lindsay Lohan is going to stay a lesbian forever. Below are some other Twitter Twatter Winners of the week:

MariahHBF: Haven't been able to tweet bcuz of lack of service! Nick surprised me with a Pip extravaganza celebration, island get-away!! Best one ever! MariahHBF: Thank you for all the good wishes!! Not to sound redundant but for the few of you that don't know I don't have B'days just anniversaries! MariahHBF: I am eternally 12 so this year we are celebrating the anniversary of my 12th B'day, yet again!
Oh sorry this one's not from Twitter. It's from crazy Twitter.

moonfrye: 1am soooo excited. Almost 100,000 people!!! You guys are incredible. I feel like having a huge party. A cyberspace celebration!!! XO

100,000 people?? Who the f&ck is following Punky Brewster (besides me)?

iamdiddy: Ptwitty friday night roll call!!!! What's your name Where you at? And are you rockin wit ciroc tonight??? Talk to me!
Who did Diddy hire to write for him? My cousin Joey? See Uncle Donny's House Presents: The History Channel Week in Review to the left or below.