Friday, March 6, 2009

HerOeD (posted by nick)


So “Exposed” was a steamy, filthy, worthless pile of trash. In all honesty, I feel violated by the writers and have been transported to the realm of a “hater” for this review. I believe my problem with the show’s direction is that I understand the real potential, which is not being tapped. Before I launch into my tirade, I will reinforce that even after being completely unsatisfied two weeks in a row, I still can’t wait to watch it Monday. I want it to be good, I want it to make sense, and I want to be entertained after a long crappy Monday. Two and a half years ago this was the best show on television. It had characters we loved and elements never used on TV; multiple superpowers which promised awesomeness. Fast-forward to today and “Exposed” is a perfect example of how these writers keep dropping the ball. Who cares about this lame guy Claire has in her closet. Why is it necessary to transform Claire’s mom from a normal mom into a person who can make fake IDs using her ironing board (I cringed at the stupidity in this, I’m not sure if the writers are aware that it’s no longer 1990 and that a driver’s license is insanely hard to replicate). Why make it so Claire’s mom is suddenly so aware of everything Mr. Bennet does, such as the secret stash hole in the closet. Did we forget that this is a woman who during the first season had her mind repeatedly modified to conceal all that Mr. Bennet was up to, the same Mr. Bennet who’s a master of espionage. Why was it necessary to create more awkward moments than the film adaptation of “Twilight” and have Claire make out with a character no one cares about? Why did the agents burst into the Bennet house, when Bennet is their boss, and Claire is off limits? Why didn’t the agents, who are after a boy who can breath underwater, think to thoroughly check the pool he was obviously hiding in?

Peter and Parkman break into Building 26… like butter. Isn’t this the top-secret building that’s protected by unlimited government funding? Why does Matt Parkman, the mind reader, have the power to paint the future? I mean, let us really think this over. Season One’s Isaac Mendez was actually a painter by trade, and could paint the future. He was a great character that viewers cared about and his death was monumental, at the time. His death now seems dumb, due to the writers reusing his ability so often, first in the random African dude, and now stupidly in Parkman the mind reader. It seems as if the writers regret killing Isaac and are desperately trying to hold onto the element he brought to the table. Speaking of great characters missing, what happened to the Haitian and Micah (Nikki’s son)? Micah, who’s ability is communicating with machines, such as having a traffic light change colors or how he made Nathan win the election in a landslide victory back in season one, is now my number one suspect as the identity of REBEL. If Micah, who could easily text Claire and hack Peter’s computer, isn’t REBEL than anyone else will be a let down, and Heroes should just hire me as a writer. With a government so dependant on surveillance, only Micah could easily get around their control. Another character who is missing is Peter, the original Peter. Peter could walk into a room and obtain anyone’s ability painlessly. He was the Ying to Sylar’s Yang. Due to losing his power because of his father, and then regaining it through the formula, apparently Peter is now a mere cloner, who can only hold one power at a time, and must physically touch the person to obtain the ability. That’s a big difference from being able to fly, while invisible, while shooting lightning projectiles and using telekinesis. Do these writers believe that they did something awesome there? 17 years ago when Superman died in the comics, he came back just as awesome, he didn’t come back as a lamer version of his former self.

“Exposed” is also credited as the first episode I actually couldn’t stand the Sylar storyline. I don’t even want him to meet his father anymore because it seems that they are taking this in yet another stupid direction. Sylar’s original back-story of desiring to be more than ordinary, and then getting greedy with powers, was fine. Then they twisted it a bit last volume with the whole “Elle pushed him to be evil”, which was hard to swallow but it went down. Now suddenly we have a flashback of Sylar watching his father slice his birthmother’s forehead open in the same Sylar fashion. LAME! Why can’t he just be the bad guy, why does he need explaining? We are now supposed to believe that he kills not because he wants power, not because of “the hunger”, not because of Elle, but because he has daddy issues? I would also appreciate it if Sylar’s weirdo kid sidekick disappeared very fast.

So you get it that I’m mad and I want a damn good episode Monday. I guess we get to see what happens when Claire is presented with a runaway who she already knows is a cold blooded killer and deserves to be caught by the government. The Puppet Master was a cool addition during “Villains” so next week has a chance at a better storyline; lets just hope it doesn’t involve Claire, her mom and their kitchen. At least we know that the Bryan Fuller written episodes start soon and hopefully fix the end of this season, as well as that as of March 5th, NBC has ordered Season 4 for September.

Overall 5 outta 10 (4 of the points are basically automatic because I’m a weekly fan)

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