Wednesday, March 11, 2009

People That Are Lame (posted by Thayer Fox)

If I was twelve, I think the thing I’d need most is a lecture from a man wearing a French cut shirt tucked into cargo pants. In Newark New Jersey. At a boxing match. While he was wasted.

This is what this man offers: Advice to twelve year olds who are unfortunate enough to have to sit next to him. They come hoping to see their heroes (ok that’s a stretch since this is welter weight boxing, but keep with me) and they get this guy. What do you got in those pockets guy? Cargo? Also, Catholic high schoolers called and they want their facial hair back. Zing.

Did I mention he rolled solo to the event? Because he did. He went solo and he sat next to these poor innocent children and yammered on about the facts of life. Until he was asked to leave. Which he is doing in this photo. But not before making a poignant remark.

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