Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eastbound & Down - 7 Dirty Quotes This Week

7 Dirty Quotes that will make you want to watch Eastbound & Down.

1) "I can feel it in my plums. They are turning a blueish hue. I'm going to take them to the farmer's market."
2) "You're as strong as a ox!"
3) "While I was making love to my wife, my son came in. My wife told him to get out. I told her no. Let him watch."
4) "Pre-mature ejaculator!"
5) "F&ck. My p&ssy itches."
6) "That's my thing. D&ck slappin is my thing."
7) "That's when I came in my pants."

It's really as bad as you think. Awesome.
Disclaimer:Quotes are close enough.
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