Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reality Bites (by jill b) - Special Bachelor Edition

The Bachelor

Since I have an unreal obsession with this show and am traveling for work this week, I downloaded this show on iTunes and stayed up way too late to watch it last night. This season finally really lived up to the hype! It certainly was shocking - especially the After the Rose show.
I guess I was half right - I picked Melissa. But I'm still a little shocked at what happened. I read on one blog that this was all a set up - but I'm not sure I buy that. Would Jason really cry like that on TV if he wasn't torn about his decision? I think Melissa was right - he was not willing to work through their relationship and he wasn't willing to fight with her - BECAUSE he is still in LUST with Molly! How many times is he going to tell her that her eyes are amazing? Ugh! Flattering - but enough already! He should have picked Molly from the beginning if he was that torn up about it. It was interesting that Molly kept saying that she thought he was making a big mistake.
Not sure what to think about Molly taking him back - on one hand, if she genuinely fell in love for him, then it stands to reason that 6 weeks later she would be willing to give him another chance. But does he deserve another chance? What happened to being devastated by the breakup. When she was with his family, I cannot believe that his mother intimated that because her career was important to her that should would not be focused on family. OH PLEASE! I know lots of women who do both and do it well - and thought that was pretty poor coming from another woman. She is obviously living in the '50s and if that is what Jason wants, he should have asked for 25 June Cleavers.
I really want to say he is a jerk - not because he broke up with Melissa but because he chose to do it on TV on the ATR show. Clearly this show doesn't always produce a match made in heaven but this could have been handled much differently. He very easily could have done it before and gone on with her already broken up then made his play for Molly. Why he thought that this was the best forum to break up with your fiancee is beyond me. Melissa certainly had an idea that things weren't going well and I thought she handled herself very well - I would have wanted to call him way more than a "bastard" if I was her!
Deanna - what a waste of airfare to NZ! That was a build up all season and a big let down for 10 minutes of drama. Jason was not pleased to see her but I wonder if her advice to not pick "the fun one" like she did led him away from Molly.
Oh and by the way, Jillian is the new Bachelorette! If you want a chance to meet Jillian, here are the casting events
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