Monday, March 9, 2009

Reality Bites Week of 3/9 (posted by jill b)

The Bachelor
LANALOGGER Annie Toal writes

"Dear Jilly B, Excellent review of the Bachelor. And impressed you watched all two hours from iTunes. Jason is an a** - so pathetic. And poor Ty, I think he's going to have some serious issues. I find it hard to believe that it could have been a shock to the producers and was actually legit. I heard that Melissa and Molly were actually scheming on the show and were part of it. Sounds a bit nuts....but the whole show has taken a bit of a nutty path so anything is plausible! Its still got me hooked though!"

LANALOGGER Breda Kellner agrees

"I mean, what a loooooser he is. He seemed so cool all season and then at the last minute he ...changes...his...mind?! what?? He should have gone with Gillian to begin with. She's the real winner."

We all know that Gillian is going to be the new Bachelorette. If you are interested in vying for her heart - check out the casting events or nominate someone you know
It's not over yet - rumor has it that Melissa will be subbing for Nancy O'Dell on Dancing with the Stars . . . stay tuned . . .

High School Reunion
I started watching this and it is about 3 episodes in so far. There is a couple who was high school sweethearts but are now divorced - and seem to be using "hall passes" to make each other jealous. I'm sure they will be back together by the end. The best part is Denis - who seems to be channel Ben Affleck from Dazed and Confused - who is continuing to harass and bully everyone like he did in high school. He was just brought in for drama and to stir the pot - he wasn't even in the class of '88. The house is deciding whether to throw him out.

Sober House
Nikki singing was boring - but seeing Steven play was pretty cool. Too bad they found out he was high. Mary clearly has battered wife syndrome from David - will she be able to break up with the manager/boyfriend? My bets are that she is his gravy train (pimping her out at Swingfest was a big hint) and he isn't going to go away quietly.

Real Housewives of New York
Watching Simon get a body treatment was gross. This is the kind of thing that needs a warning before it airs - elw! The Countess lost her cool - which was refreshing since she is always on her high horse looking down on everyone else. I like Jill - not just because we have the same name but because she tells it like it is. She knows she is a spoiled and appreciates that she gets to live this lavish life - but is still "real" enough to give her friends pretty blunt advice.

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