Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rock of Love Bus - I'm Confused

I'm no brain surgeon, but usually I can catch on to the "story lines" in Rock of Love Bus pretty quick. However, this week's past episode confused me:

1) Bret kept all the brunettes. With the exit of Ashleigh Bigt&ts, it's the first time in the history of Rock of Love, that there has been no blondes in the final 2.
2) Amber and Bret dated for 10 months. Dated? Really?
3) He got rid of the 2 sluttiest girls there, Ashleigh and Britannya. Who will he have sex with?
4) Britannya tries to beat up Heather randomly out of nowhere (usually there is a little more drama behind these punches). Although I was confused by that, what really got me was that Bret is appalled. Usually he is "really turned on".
5) Britannya and Ashleigh's boyfriends/f-buddies were mutants. Although these girls are borderline prostitutes, they are still hot.
6) Daisy's new show "Daisy of Love" starts soon. Not only is she an annoying druggie, the name of her show makes no sense.

I know #6 had nothing to do with this past week's episode, but it still confused me.

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