Friday, March 6, 2009

The Lost Boys: w/ o.g.’s ry and rube, the newbies, bluv, stupid chris, mr. president b.o., charlie sheen, madeline albright, etc.

This episode, titled “LaFleur”, was absolutely hilarious. Rib-splitting! It was like a Monty Python version of Lost. O.G. Badboy Sawyer is now head of security for DHARMA! Daniel still has his tie on! Juliet is working on cars! Jin is now forming polysyllabic words!

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? Actually, it does. This episode was money…for two reasons!

One. Richard Alpert is a badass. This dude just walks right into their DHARMA sleepawaycamp and rings the proverbial doorbell. We keep wondering what Richard knows. Does he know everything and is just playing dumb when he meets the likes of Sawyer and Locke? Or is he actually learning as he goes, just like us, the audience? Does Richard already know what is going to happen? Is he from ancient Eqypt?

Two. We did see the long awaited four-toed statue from the back…notice what he has in his hand it is the same thing Amy kept of Paul after he died. It is called the Ankh. There is definitely an Egyptian theme going on here. The statue was Egyptian; the hieroglyphs are everywhere; Alpert wears eyeliner (notice the appropriate usage of the semi-colons). The wormhole drops them in Tunisia. We think Tunisia was part of the old Eqyptian empire. And the leader of DHARMA is Horace. Horus was an Egyptian God.

Okay on to other news and burning questions. The time traveling has stopped. Now they are stuck in DHARMA era, 1970s. The record is playing again, they are just on a different song. A song by Rod Stewart. Or born-again-christian Bob Dylan. LaFleur saves Amy and he and Juliet end up killing two dudes, Other Others. For “LeFleur” killing The Other Others, justice and Alpert had it written to take Paul’s lifeless body to show Alpert’s people. Why? And why do they have to bury the bodies? DHARMA and the Other Others, the Hostiles, if you will, have a real Lords of the Flies thing going on here, the second and third acts. Who is Piggy? Hurley? Too obvious? Maybe. We’ve been waiting to make this particular literary reference since we started watching Lost in 1954. Also, they have been living in this DHARMA era for three years, building stronger ties with these people, stronger than that with their former-fellow-survivors. Sawyer only knew Kate for 108 days before she left; he’s now known Juliet for three full years (another great use of the semi-colon). Sawyer and Juliet living together! Holy sh*t! The Lost Boys would love to see a spin-off program with Sawyer and Juliet living together in Brooklyn. Do you think that little redhead girl was Charlotte? If so, there is something weird going on, because when they showed "her" it was 1974, but when Ben first meets her he proves he knows her by reciting facts about her, saying she was born in 1979, blah blah blah. One burning question we have is that the Ajira airline passengers seem to be in present time but it looks like all the original castaways—Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid--are in 1977, what’s up with that, yo? Cesar is in Ben's office in the Hydra station and such. We are not sure about Sun. She may have taken off in that outboard canoe with LAPIDUS! We know John and Ben are in the present as well, but why did they not go to 1977? Also, when we first met Horace Goodspeed he helped in the birth delivery of Ben with his then wife, Olivia. Where is Olivia? She was also Ben’s teacher. Is Amy before or after Olivia?

Who is the baby boy that Amy gave birth to?

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