Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HerOeD (posted by nick)

Cold Snap

I think this HerOeD should begin with some gloating, and I will do this by the use of two quotes. The first comes from myself in the HerOeD after the March 2nd episode:

“Micah, who’s ability is communicating with machines, such as having a traffic light change colors or how he made Nathan win the election in a landslide victory back in season one, is now my number one suspect as the identity of REBEL. If Micah, who could easily text Claire and hack Peter’s computer, isn’t REBEL than anyone else will be a let down, and Heroes should just hire me as a writer. With a government so dependent on surveillance, only Micah could easily get around their control.”

This next quote is from Lana attempting to outwit me in the LanaLogue on March 13th:

“Another great review by Nick. However, Nick fails to mention what I think is obvious - Nathan is rebel. Is that too obvious?”

(Insert evil villain laugh here) Victory is mine cousin, stick to your VH1 shows!

Erh-um, sorry, back to the review. “Cold Snap” is such a catchy name… and was the best episode thus far (this season). The show has direction again, and the point of the volume is finally demonstrated with an “edge of your seat” approach; they are fugitives!

The previous episode ended with Sylar lurking in Danko’s apartment, so when this episode opens with a trippy Danko shaving scene, we as viewers are expecting a Sylar/Danko showdown. As the suspense builds, a shocking and perfectly executed revelation comes into play. Sylar, unbeknownst to Danko, is working to benefit Danko and delivers him an unharmed Doyle (the Puppeteer). How their future relationship will play out is intriguing but I think its safe to say it won’t be a bromance.

Every scene involving Angela Petrelli had my complete attention. Her talk with Mr. Bennet, her precognitive dreaming finally effectively put to use, her escape in the rain by flirting with a stranger under an umbrella, meeting with another rich lady for cash, and escaping in an elevator from federal agents all had me loving every second her character was on screen. This emotional concern for a character’s safety has been lacking this season and finally returned for every character in this episode. Although it wasn’t much of a surprise, (“elevator shaft” + “sons can fly” = escape) Peter smiling at the agents was the icing on the cake.

Tracy’s escape (along with Parkman, Daphne, and Mohinder) played out perfectly and she went from being one of my least cared about characters to a favorite. She was totally badass the entire episode, from her badass line “I was trying to make ice in an oven, this is a breezy 68 degrees and I’ve worked up a hell of a cold snap” to her badass freeze wave in the parking garage. I think its safe to assume she will make like the “T-1000” in “Terminator 2” and liquid re-group, alive and well (she did wink and her broken pieces were above a sewer drain?).

The Daphne drama is finally over. While I really enjoyed her entire time on the show, it did seem fit to finally put an end to this Parkman is a mush routine. The dream scenarios Parkman built for her (the Gwen Stefani treatment and flying with her over Paris) were a great send off for her character, far more meaningful than her just being shot and disappearing. Before her character was put to rest the writers decided to clear up some confusion by explaining she can run on water, which is how she travels abroad. Unfortunately she is gone but it’s a sign that the show is growing a pair and getting back to its core characters.

In the end I must say I am most shocked that I actually enjoyed every moment of the baby Matt Parkman scenario. Hiro and Ando are back to being funny and cool, not winey and annoying. Ando shot a red-lightning projectile with a hint of paying tribute to the “Houdoken” or the “Kamehameha” (“Street Fighter” and “Dragon Ball Z” respectively). Hiro regaining his power gives him purpose to be on screen again and the fact that he can now only stop time, not teleport or time travel, makes the show have more realism (if that’s possible) to it, ya know otherwise anything bad that happened, Hiro could just go back and fix it, now he can’t.

Hopefully this is the first of many future awesome episodes.

Overall 9 outta 10

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