Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7 Reasons Why The Hills Sucks My Armpit

7 Reasons Why this week's episode of The Hills Sucked My Armpit
  1. We find out that Heidi used to go to Bible Study every day and now looks like the grown up porn version of Jon Benet Ramsey
  2. Kelly Cutrone can't be bothered to put on make-up even though she is on national television
  3. Lauren recommended Stephanie "I Can't Form Complete Sentences" Pratt for a job at the People's Revolution and vouched for her to Kelly Cutrone
  4. Stephanie's "final goal in life" is to have a handbag line
  5. Out of all the out of work people right now, Kelly Cutrone is going to hire Stephanie Pratt
    Out of all the bars in Hollywood, Heidi was able to find Spencer at the first one she went to.
  6. Mr Unknown Moustache got all up in Heidi's shizznat giving him 2 lines too many in this episode.
Bonus: The only good line of the episode was when Spencer asked Stephanie if her train was parked outside (because of her hat).

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