Friday, April 17, 2009

The Lost Boys (with ryan & ruben)

Low and behold, this week’s episode of Lost, titled Some Like it Hoth, was a Miles-centirc episode. We liked this one a lot, because it was more like an old school eppy, rather than a new school eppy, with it’s centralized flashback and its singular focus…then again, when is Lost ever singularly focused? The title derives from a planet in the Star Wars universe, also correlating with the conversation between Miles and Hurley about The Empire Strikes Back.
The episode opens with a shot of a microwave, with the clock reading 3:16. Blammo! Through some seriously thick dialogue we find out that we are watching a young Miles and his mother purchase an apartment. Young Miles runs off to a vending machine and then stumbles on to a dead body, which young Miles says he can hear talking, still talking. Blammo, the Miles moment we have been waiting for: He can hear dead people!
Then, after a major flash, we see a Hot-Topic-pnk-rocker Miles talking to his mother while she is on her death bed. He expresses interests in his father and she shuts him down, saying that his father kicked them out.
We think this was his father saving them from the inevitable, the Purge.
Flash forward, flash back, if you will, and we are in the midst of a melt-down. Sawyer is trying to cover up his and Kate’s actions and then Miles is asked by Horace to pick up a package. The Package turns out to be the corpse of a man. Miles is supposed to transport this dead dude back to Horace. Long story short, he brings it to Horace who says he has to bring it out to Dr. Chang, the creepy asian doctor from the DHARMA films. But before he can bring the corpse to the creepy Doc, he is interrupted by Hurley, who tags along.
The dialogue between Hurley and Miles is the best! The whole scene where Miles tells Hurley what he knows about the “package.” His name is Alvarez. He was digging a whole and thinking about a girl, when he felt a pain in his tooth. This harkens back to season two, or three, when Desmond and Jack are in the Hatch talking about the spot in the dark hall, the spot that has been filled in with concrete. Desmond goes on to say something about how everytime he walks by that spot, the fillings in his teeth begin to hurt. And then when Miles brings the “package” back to Horace, Horace is on the phone talking about electro-magnetism. We think he is talking to Dr. Chang on the phone.
We also think there may be two Dr. Changs walking the earth at a given time. We’ll get to that in a second.
Hurley eventually finds the body and this is when the dialogue between Miles and Hurley gets great. Hurley asks Miles if he can talk to dead people. And Hurley says he can, too. We loved the part when Hurley tells Miles that his power is better than Miles’.
Upon dropping off said corpse, Hurley opens his big fat mouth and the creepy asian doctor says to Hurley that if he tells anyone about this that he will be picking up Polar Bear poop on Hydra Island. Hydra Island is the other island. The Other Island. After the creepy Dr. Chang threatens Hurley, Hurley calls him a douche and then Miles says that douche is his dad.
First of all, we can’t believe that a major network tv show is using the word douche, and, secondly, imagine going back in time and conversing with your father!
Then the Doc comes back to Miles and Hurley and when Miles asks about the body, the Doc asks, “What Body?” Is he being coy? Or is he ignorant of what had just happened. Bear with us hear for a moment…this is why we think there are two Dr. Changs. Remember in the Orchid video, where said doc was demonstrating time travel with the numbered bunnies? If you remember correctly, there were two rabbits and they weren’t allowed near each other. We think that the Doc discovered the time travel properties and first tried it on himself and then the body that Miles was delivering. The second Dr. Chang was to be taken to the worksite. Is he just pretending not to know about the body or did that version of himself miss the exchange of the package?
Sorry if that is hard to follow. We are trying to wrap our minds around this time travel business. It goes on to the fact that there are two Miles, one as a baby and one as an adult, living within the same timelines. Crazy. Blammo!
Another flashbackforward and we see Miles talking to some dude in a backyard. We find out that this dude hired Miles to talk to his deceased son. We also find out that Miles needs a body in order to communicate with the dead. This is when we see Miles become money hungry. This is also when we see Naomi, the chick who flew the helicopter to the Island at the end of the season before last. Naomi takes Miles to a restaurant, but surprises him with a fresh corpse on a coffee table. Miles then does his thing. His name, the corpse’s, is Felix. He was on his way to delivery something to a guy named Widdmore.
Deliver what?
Then we see Jack erasing a chalkboard. If you look closely, you can see that said chalkboard has a bunch of stuff on it written about Egypt. Other than a vague timeline, all we could make out is the word PHONOGRAM.
After we learn that Dr. Chang likes country music (wtf?), the van pulls into a worksite, the worksite which will become The Hatch, or the Swan. We know this because Hurley says so. Hurley knows this because he witnesses the numbers being inscribed on the side. There is some speculation that the dude reading the numbers at the site is either Hurley’s dad or someone in Hurley’s family.
After a commercial break, we see Miles munching on a fish taco and then he is kidnapped by the dude who hits LAPIDUS. This dude is Bram, the dude we told you guys about. He asks that same weird question about the what lies in the shadow of the statue and then goes on to tell Miles that if he sticks with them he can learn about himself and his powers and his father. Speaking of which, are we ever going to figure out why Miles has these powers? Same as Hurley and Walt…why do these earthlings have these special powers?
We love Hurley. He is writing The Empire Strikes Back and simply telling it how it is. He tells Miles, after Miles rants and raves that his father is dead and gone and he can’t change anything, that his father is not dead, that they just gave him a lift.
This episode is all about fathers and sons. From Miles and his dad, to the dude who Miles helps in his backyard, to Hurley and his dad, to Ben’s dad (who suddenly cares). The Lost Boys have been writhing our brains trying to figure out the connection between this episode and Star Wars. They laid the Star Wars stuff on pretty thick and the only conclusion we could come up with is this: in Star Wars, Luke gets his hand cut off by Vadar and in return cuts off Vadar’s hand too. In previous seasons, when we see the creepy asian doctor, i.e. Miles’ Dad, he is missing his hand in some scenes…well, we think that eventually Miles will be responsible for his father losing his hand.
Then Daniel faraday pops out of the sub. Apparently, this sub is packed with folks from Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you guys remember, the DHARMA Initiative was started by scientists from the University of Michigan. We need a Daniel episode. What the hell has he been up to? We also need a Jack episode. Jack is a supporting character in this season.