Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Watch Rock of Love Bus Too (posted by Tiffany Cave)

Dear Lana,

It's been a while...hope you are well!

I logged onto the FB and saw something on my general "feed" that caught my eye...."Lana LoRusso just wrote a scathing letter to the writers of Rock of Love Bus. Check it out now on" I never truly pay attention to my general public "feed updates." I think such updates like, "Kristy Koenig fat + tight pants = pants unbuttoned at my desk...Shhhhhh" (source: Facebook, Kristy Koenig, updated 6 minutes ago) are "fun" but not something I should inquire about nor spend any amount of time trying to figure out. As you instructed, I logged onto and to my astonishment found the very letter I yearned to write to the writers of one of the most despicable, detestable, repulsive, shameful and yet the GREATEST show ever made...Rock of Love Bus. You are right on point, Blonde Ambition rocked, I despise Bret for ending Ashleigh's tour and every episode after hoped he would bring Britannya and/or Lacey back.

I just wanted to let you know that I too am devastated Taya and Mindy are the final two left and I too am in support of an alternate ending.



PS - sorry for the long one I know watches this show. I was a bit excited....

Dear TIFF.

We are so glad you watch the show along with us. I happen to know for a fact that other people watch this show, because like I've said before, I get the most hits on my site from people using the search words "Nude pics of Brittannia from Rock of Love Bus". Now that's Awesome.



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