Friday, April 24, 2009

Quotes from The Office - 4/23

One of my favorite episodes of the season. Rather then go into it, I will let the quotes speak for themselves (I love it when puns come out of nowhere!):

M: "Time to make the donuts. "Halpert! Whoa. Boner Patrol. Arrest that man.

DW: Hi Everyone.
Kelly: Hi.
DW: Hello, Look It is no secret ...
Kevin: Hi.
DW: Hello. It's no secret ...

DS: I say we fill Michael's office with bees, my apurist owes me a favor.
J: Really? Does he do good work or .. ?
DS: No, Jim. I use a bad apurist.

M: Well, well, wel ... how the turn tables ...

DW: Ryan cost Dunder Mifflin hundreds of thousands of dollars Michael. Ryan is ....
M: You kow David, I don't care if Ryan murdered his entire famliy. He's like a son to me.

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