Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HerOeD (posted by nick)

I am Sylar

“I am Sylar” was coincidently an entire episode (for the most part) dedicated to Sylar. While he may be everyone’s favorite character, I feel this episode was more of a let down due to the writers once again having a field day with his life story. The episode had a vibe that tried “we are doing something really awesome” but felt more like “Lame”. If this was Sylar’s episode, why did I not love it?
It began with a back track of 18 hours, a sort of “in the meantime” during the whole Coyote Sans episode “1961”. Sylar is apparently going through an identity crisis due to Danko forcing him to remain as Agent Taub. After showing signs of difficulty in transitions from person to person (tooth remnants, waking up as the agent, eye colors) Sylar decides he actually is more comfortable in his own skin, and feels he’s trading his fame of being this legendary villain to simply help Danko’s cause.

In an attempt to hold on to something to remind Sylar of who he is, Sylar as Agent Taub requests that the evidence from his mother’s murder be delivered to him. Upon the touch of the scissors she was stabbed with, he assimilates her DNA and can transform into her, which made him a schizo, and this is where the writers lost me. I found myself cringing at the corniness of the situation. This badass we know Sylar to be, acting like two people, one of which a women? Sylar talking to himself as his mother just portrayed Sylar as weak, which was weird to watch. If he’s so bent out of shape because he killed the only person who ever loved him, why did he decide to also kill Elle?

More elements of an out of character Sylar were scattered throughout the episode. Sylar allowed Tom Miller (whose ability is dismantling the molecules of an object) to decide which path to choose, but I assume Sylar knew Tom would choose him and either way this dude was screwed. Sylar saving Micah was a great twist, but it makes you wonder whatever happened to his hunger for more powers, I mean Micah has an awesome ability and to pass up on it is very un-Sylar.

In touching Nathan’s travel toothbrush, Sylar acquires his identity and delivers the speech on television. Nathan then goes on a suicide mission to confront Sylar... ya know the most powerful known being on the planet, when all Nathan can do is fly. I think it’s safe to assume that the whole Sylar pretending to be Nathan thing is not over especially considering he’s about to become a big deal in a movie franchise, the new J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” movie already got the green light for a sequel nearly a month before it’s released. The season finale is Monday and I’m excited.

7.5 outta 10

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