Friday, April 3, 2009

HerOeD (posted by nick)

Into Asylum

Due to “Into Asylum” being such a dialog filled episode, not much of it should need deciphering. All events were easy to interpret, and overall this was a safe episode, not bad, but not really that good either (I feel like an American Idol judge). The overall theme to this episode was fixing relationships. I’ve also been recognizing that this volume Heroes has found its grove in delivering an organized storyline in dealing with its multiple characters all over the world.

Storyline number one: Nathan and Claire’s Spring Break in Mexico. The two of them being together is significant because they were once granted a pass but are now in the same boat as everyone else, fugitives, but them getting away or saving the day was no where in sight. This episode was made for them to “fix” their “I hate my dad” relationship. Hopefully after watching this rather “boring, but had to happen” dialog Claire’s issues will be resolved and there will be less of Claire complaining.

Storyline number two: Peter and Angela Petrelli talk to Jesus. The entire scenario was dark and gloomy (in a good way) from the downpour of rain in the streets to the two of them hiding out in the church. I also thought that Angela having to earn her precognitive dreams, and couldn’t just pop a sleeping pill, was a nice factor thrown in the mix. Hearing Angela finally speak to Peter about how messed up their family is was a relief, I was beginning to wonder how this could be ignored for so long without anyone saying anything, I mean, they are really an f’d up family. I don’t know really how I feel about Peter praying/talking to God. I think I’m in between cool and weird because really, what hasn’t God done for him? What did Peter mean by God not living up to his end of the deal, Peter was at one point the most powerful person on the planet, and seemingly lost that to his own stupidity (hugging his father aka trusting the biggest villain EVER). When Mr. Bennet found them in the confessional and let them go it makes you wonder how long he can get away with being their “inside man”.

Storyline number three: Danko and Sylar pop bottles in the club. This began with Danko finally internally realizing that Mr. Bennet knows his shizzness. Bennet has been trying to tell Danko how effective one of us, one of them is, and now Danko sees this for himself, especially when the “them” is the best “they” have to offer. Bennet begins the episode by telling Danko he was wrong to send agents after someone with an unidentified ability because you’ll have no idea what you are up against (umm common sense). Bennet later unknowingly gives Danko advice about “the value of co-opting the native population”, and “working the enemy, using them as assets or weapons by motivating them”. Sylar’s introduction to Danko in his car with the 1960’s hit “The Runaway” by Del Shannon playing on the radio was very cool, as was the introduction of possibly the most awesome ability, shape-shifting. My only concern is that this makes Sylar virtually uncatchable and leads us to believe that unless Peter gets his full power back, Sylar will not be stopped, ever (but who cares right he’s awesome).

In the end not much was accomplished besides Claire, Nathan, Peter, and Angela patching up their relationships. I could say that Sylar is believed to be dead now but I don’t think Mr. Bennet is that dumb. Angela revealing she has a sister (of course!) and closing the episode with the song “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” by The Animals was pretty cool too.

Overall 7 outta 10

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