Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twitter Soup: Papa Joe Simpson

What would you do if your DAD tweeted about you all day?
  1. Another lie about jess on the net..... Such bull....
  2. ashlee is a sweetheart. she is on the road with pete right now... thanks for your support.
  3. how come "a source close to the simpson's" never gets the story right? from web
  4. Is jess teaching u somethin
  5. Having lunch with jess... She has a heart of gold!!
  6. Another untrue story about jessica in the press today...
  7. it's tony's birthday!!! now jess is dating a much older guy..
  8. rumor incorrect... no jess-brit show.. luv brit.. just no show.
  9. Playin with bronx and watchin ashlee be a wonderful mommy.. This has to be a disney movie we r in..
  10. i've got the best son-in-law!! he inspires me... from web
  11. The simpsons all tweet!! Start'em young
  12. my wife says that the family that tweets together....stays together..
  13. Jess new twitter addy
  14. sittin with jess... she is learning to tweet!!!!
  15. great to see all the kids together... tina and i r soooo lucky.
  16. Tony is throwing football to the guys. Wow!
  17. Great day... All the fam at the house for easter!!!!!
  18. great day of golf.. tony is a great coach... tonight more family time..
  19. Good day playin golf with tony...
  20. Just finished dinner with tina and ash..
  21. Having dinner with ash... She is so cute. Bronx is the best..
  22. @mcuban Could have left out the jess and tony part..
  23. Got a call today.... So funny... Jess is NOT doing "Dancing with the Stars"... Same crazy stuff..
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