Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brad & DAD - The Quest for a New BFF UPDATE

This Week on BRAD & DAD:

  • Dad went to the pizza place where Brad was supposedly spotted and got an update from the owner. Yes, Brad was in. He ate Pizza. No one recognized him. We know this.
  • Then DAD went over to the French Restaurant in town where the Jolie-Pitts were supposedly spotted and found out that the restaurant closed the place down for the famous couple and their fam. Big deal.
  • Dad found out from his friend, who is a local cop, that the house still needs to be fixed up a bit to be Jolie-Pitt ready, but they should be in soon. Boring.
  • Dad has mom on limo patrol. Mom said that on Tuesday she saw a long white stretch pass her house in the AM and then again in the later afternoon. Makes you wonder ... how long was MOM staring out her window for?
  • On walk with his grandkids in the local State Park, right near Brad & Dad's homes, DAD started calling my husband Chris, Brad to try and "fake out" other hikers.
  • I had a dream on Tuesday that I was at Brad and Angelina's wedding and DAD was mad at me because I didn't take a shower and was talking all through the ceremony.
Tune in next week for Brad & DAD - The Quest for a New BFF.
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