Monday, April 13, 2009

Harlem Heights (posted by The InSyDer)

“This is Why the Friends Thing Becomes Messy"

The weather is warming up and so are the streets of Harlem as two Heights cats take things to the next level!

Lovebirds Brooke and Christian can't fight the feeling (surprise, surprise) and dive in head first but have they moved too quickly? Seems like it when things get TENSE as Brooke questions the intentions of her new love interest and makes yet ANOTHER frenemy, this time in Kelli C (who gets a few well-deserved minutes of shine).

And in the same evening, Brooke confronts Landon for allegedly talking sideways about the merits of HBCUs over majority white schools (GASP!) If I didn't love B's straight-shooter personality, I'd say homegirl has been in the center of a lot of conflict lately - beefin with Ashlie, Dawn, Pierre, Christian, Kelli C, Landon... You gotta respect that she speaks her mind though.

In other news, the unofficial Mayor of New Harlem - Landon - has a HUGE announcement that reminds us all that Yes We Can and Yes We MUST. Go 'head boy, get your Barackstar on!

Anyhoo, check out this clip for a taste of the action. But for a full serving of the drama, watch it all go down MONDAY at 10/9c only on BET!

Missed any of the episodes? Catch up with all the drama on\Harlem Heights before the Season Finale April 20th.

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