Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She Really Is As Sweet As Candy

Last Night I went to the Candy Spelling Book Signing for her new book "Stories From Candyland". She spoke to a riveted audience that consisted of me, 35 old people and 2 gay men (one of which was my friend Matt).
Since I am sort of a Tori fan, I was a little skeptical going in (crazy moms are like the anti-Christ to me). However, about 5 minutes into it, I could see why people call her Candy. She was sweet, humble, endearing and most of all motherly. Even as we posed for our pictures, she said warmly "Get in closer." Matt couldn't help but put his arm around her and squeeze her shoulder.
I was most impressed by her amazing sugar coating talent. She gushed about Aaron and sweetly added that he didn't allow her to have friends. She said she wouldn't bash her daughter, but sadly let us know that Tori hasn't been speaking to ANYONE in the family, not just her (this includes her son Randy and Aaron when he was alive). She said her mother raised her to be a good girl and added quietly "she was very controlling like Aaron". She either had really good media training or was opening up to us because she felt comfortable (in order to savor the wonderment of the night, let's say it's the latter).
In any event, she answered questions, cried, took pictures, signed books and gave out ... candy (Hershey's kisses). How could we resist? As we walked out of the event Matt turned to me and said "That was the most random Tuesday night I've had in a long time." Indeed it was, Matt. Indeed it was.
Check out her new book "Stories From Candyland" (there are about 2 words on the page, so it should take about an hour to read) and let us know what you think. Email us at