Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twitter Soup - courtneylove79

Does anyone speak Rambling Junkie? Here are a few (and when I say a few I mean 5 out of 47) tweets from Courtney Love, just this morning, that are all pretty much alike in coherency.

f us the ones who knew and if i have bneen in any way helpful i am honoured ti have been so, thats all i really must pack love you.
with my abs and the pert thing in back, not being arrigant just came outta bed to express my heart burtsing with love for rusty, your one o
if you bloody added me to your tweet thing itd be so much easier niethe rof us chacks texts and "people" do also i have yet to be inside
ud of your charcater and behaviour i am proud you didnt sell me out and the stupid move wopuldve been as Mckenna putit to underestimate
times to droop., yes were all naricsiistis but its a matter of MALIGNENCy, eg i know i am really really good possibly better than anyone at4
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