Wednesday, April 15, 2009

7 Reasons Why I Really Want to get Back into Following The DMB

1) At every Dave Matthews concert there is always a High School couple in the hallway, drunk and fighting and I found them.
2) I got high and didn't actually smoke anything.
3) I hadn't been to a Dave Matthews Concert in 10 years and everyone was still the same age (I was the only person that got older).
4) I danced so much I burned off the bowl of
cavatelli I ate prior to going.
5) My friend (and
LANALOGGER) Anne Toal had two different people puke in the chairs on either side of her, while their friends continued to dance around them.
6) People still scream/sing the lyrics to Ants Marching like they did in 1995.
7) There is at least 2-3 couples making out/eating each other's faces around you.