Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vanessa Knows (posted by vanessa)

What does Vanessa know? Not much really. This time I will just spill some useless info but next time it would be great to get a legit question, preferably food related. What I know that I don't know is anything about baby gear, so if anyone would like to return the favor and help me with a crib and carriage, I'm so happy.

BUT, what do I know this week. OK, 2 things:

1. Where to eat lunch around St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital on 59
th and 10th...Don't go to the diner on the corner. Its tempting due to location but the heat is too high and the food is not hot (ha ha). I had the chili (perhaps it was a mistake) but it was underwhelming. The iced tea was heavy on ice and light on tea. AND they charged for the refills. The veggie burger looked weak, the omelettes looked lame. Maybe they prey on sick people's families not caring about what they are eating. OK, maybe I'm selfish but if you're in a hospital for five days, don't you want a decent meal. WHAT WOULD I DO INSTEAD...Walk to 9th Avenue. Route 66 had a nice brunch, cute restaurant, reasonable prices and great food. A really yummy and flavorful turkey burger with delicious fries. Only a few extra blocks but a nice break from the hospital. One word to the wise, don't go to the Cafe in the hospital its not a cafe at all. I, out of desperation ordered the kosher food which is really frozen food. The man looked me up and down, as if to question if I was Jewish enough to eat it. Little did he know I was desperate. It was as bad as I thought it would be, I wouldn't do that again. I hear there is a cafeteria, but it was never open so i can't comment and hope to not return there soon.

2. What I also know this week is that its Passover. For those of you who are not members of the tribe or familiar with the traditional foods, its not known as a foodie paradise. I am constantly looking for the next best Passover food. Those items that help you to last eight days. This year my BIG NEW FIND is Butter Lane introduced a new PASSOVER CUPCAKE. For those of you who are super religious/kosher, I don't think its kosher for passover, but I do believe it pretty much follows the dietary laws for those of us who aren't super
Jews. First of all for those of you who don't have to eat for Passover-DO NOT GO TO BUTTER LANE to order this cupcake, their real cupcakes are outstanding and shouldn't be missed. For those of you who do want to wow your friends and family or help a fellow Jew who might have a birthday and want something that feels like a cake...go for this. One of the really things that is super special about Butter Lane is their frosting and they don't skimp on it with the Passover cupcakes...cream cheese, vanilla, lemon, chocolate, strawberry....SERIOUSLY delicious. The cake reminds me of my grandmother's sponge cake which is different than a regular cupcake but has a really nice consistency and flavor. So whether or not you want to know, this is my Passover find of the season. For the last few seasons, I have gone for Payard but I think this is really compelling for cupcake lovers and don't we all know one. Enjoy and hope the cupcakes help those of you trying to get through Passover.

Also, if you think the east village is too far, their delivery is REALLY cost effective. Just ask.

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