Friday, April 10, 2009

The Lost Boys (by ruben & ryan)

"We don’t even have a word for it…but I believe you call it The Monster.”
-Benjamin Linus

After the recap, we knew, the whole world knew, we were in for a Ben episode, and what a romper we got! Let’s cut to the chase here. This episode was pretty good, pretty gangsta’, if you will. Ben Linus is a gangsta’ from the streets, or rather, a gangsta from the Island. Did you guys see how he blew away Cesar like he was Tony Montana or Sonny Corleone? This episode was like the hip-hop-version of Lost, complete with guns and smoke. The episode, titled DEAD IS DEAD, opens up with a lone man on a horse. This man is Charles Widdmore at a different, younger age. He rides high, like he is in charge. He demands answers from Richard and then he goes in to talk to a young Ben. Ben doesn’t remember being shot and Charles remarks at the awesome ability of Ben’s healing. Apparently, Ben shoulda’ been dead. Next we see and older Ben awakening to a resurrected Locke. Ben looks surprised and says “It’s one thing to believe in something, it’s another to see it.” Is Ben telling the truth? We have grown so accustomed to Ben lying that it is hard for us to take him at his word. Next we see a younger Ben, with more hair, perched outside some sorta camp. He is with a younger boy. Through forced dialogue we find out that this boy is, none other than, Ethan Romm. Young Ethan seems eager and anxious. Ben marches into said camp, armed, ready to shoot someone. That someone is Rousseau. Holy Gee Whiz! But before Ben can shoot her, he knocks over her music box (the very music box that Sayid repairs) and awakens a sleeping baby. That baby is Alex. Duh. Ben takes Alex and spares her mother’s life.
Next we see an older Ben digging through a desk, his old desk. He finds a picture of him and his stolen daughter. Locke interrupts him and demands to talk about the “elephant in the room.” Ben gives him some story and Locke simply states he just wanted an apology.
Two scenes that stood out to us: The tiny bit of dialogue between Ben and Ilana and Bram (the guy from October Road). Ben asks if they need help and Ilana says something about “transporting necessary supplies,” and goes on the decline Ben’s help. The second scene that stood out to us is the scene between locke and ben when they talk about the “elephant in the room,”…and Ben’s face when sun says “his said his name was Christian…that’s a good scene too. The look on Ben’s face when she says “Christian” is priceless. Okay that is three scenes, but who cares, right? You guys know how it is. It is hard to put this show into categories and subtexts. Maybe it was just too much to handle. Too much Ben backstory. Too many answers to digest.
On top of everything they threw at us with this eppy, they go and hurl at us Ben’s attempt to kill Widdmores daughter, i.e. Penny Hume. Ben shoots Desmond. We gasp. Ben points his gun at Penny. We cry. Then Ben sees Penny and Desmond’s son. We gasp again. Ben has a definite softspot for babies. He loves babies. Then we cheer as Desmond tackles Ben and beats the living S outta him. Yeah!
Ben deserved that beatin’.
Ben blows Cesar away. “This gentleman and I are taking a boat…” Blammo! Right in the clock-o! Ben shot that dude whom we thought was important…hmmm…we wonder if we will see poor Cesar again in future(?) episodes? Next we see Frank, Locke, Sun, and Ben. Sun is puzzled. Frank just leaves. Sun is wide-eyed. Locke is demeaning towards Ben. Oh, how the roles reverse. Ben is scared. He says so. When he is talking to Sun on the porch, after summoning the Monster, he says that the fact that Locke is walking around this Island [after being dead], well, it scares the hell outta him.
So, wait, you’re telling us that Ben summons the Monster by draining a hole of murky water? Sudden flashback to a younger Ben pushing Aex in a swing. This is after the Purge. Richard comes to him and says something about the sub leaving. This is the beginning of the war. The war between Ben and Widdmore. Ben says Widdmore is exiled because he always leaves the Island, and because he had a kid with an outsider. That kid is Penny. No doubt. No diggity. Then Widdmore says, in so many words, that Ben will be in his shoes. Does Widdmore or younger Ben know what will eventually happen? Mainly speaking of the Oceanic crash and the wild future timeline? Blammo! Right in the clock-o! Our favorite television program keeps giving. It’s weird to start finally getting answers to our questions. Isn’t it? The questions are so long and drawn out, that, when finally, our questions are answered, they almost come across as forced and campy. Like when Ben finally releases the Monster. It appears and does its thing and it all seems…well, rather, BLAH. We may be the only ones here, and it may be nothing but build-up gone wrong, but we think the whole thing with the Monster and the Monster as Alex was corny, like a rap video with special effects. “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” This is what Ilana, the chick who was escorting a handcuffed Sayid, asks to a tired LAPIDUS. He can’t answer and then she knocks him out with a big gun. We think this chick and Bram are friends with Widdmore.
Next we see Ben under the Temple. Followed by Locke. Then Ben falls through a floor and into the Egyptian past, complete with hieroglyphs and the Monster. Ben is judged. We see shadows of his past. And then the Monster, in the form of his daughter, Alex, tells him what and what not to do. So much Egyptian stuff in this eppy. And yet again, the answers confuse as much as the questions. That’s why it may come off as campy and prickly.
Ben is a gangsta. What a Ben episode. OMG! ‘Twas a rollercoaster. From hip-hop to resurrection to Alex and the Monster. Everything is changing. Ben changes in this episode. He shows fear and resilience. Like never before. Locke takes on a new role. Widdmore is seen in a different light. This episode will live on as pivotal.

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